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Our Crep Protect Ambassadors

From artists and musicians to trend-setting sneakerheads, our Brand Ambassadors rep CP like only they can.

Night Scape

Free Runner & YouTube Personality

Night Scape is a 20 year old professional free runner, photographer & YouTuber. Born and raised in London, he’s been training free running for over 10 years. Night Scape’s been described as an urban explorer, gaining fame on both YouTube and Instagram with over 640k subscribers, exploring places that many others wouldn’t dare to consider.

Some of his most popular videos include “Climbing the Sidemen Tower (Arrested),” “Sneaking into New Westham Stadium” and “London Skyscraper Climb – 183M.”, where he reaches crazy heights, putting total trust in his body after years of training.


Sneaker Collector & YouTube Personality

Almost every piece of tech these days comes with a camera, so it takes a lot to stand out, and that’s exactly what Qias has done. Born and raised in the Bay, Qias has been a sneakerhead since the mid-2000’s but he’s been documenting his life for even longer.

His father handed him a camera in 2002 and Qias has been filming anything and everything, but it wasn’t until 2007 that he uploaded his first video to YouTube and he hasn’t looked back. He vlogs daily alongside his Qrew, Harris, Swagadidy, Ahmed, and Wajeeh, and he now runs three YouTube channels, the main one being QrewKicks. There, he shares his love of sneakers, and just like Crep Protect, one look at Qias and you’ll see that he lives and breathes kicks.

When asked what motivates him, his answer is simple – love – love of the game, the love of his family, and the love he gets from his Qrew of followers.

Kenny ‘The Perfect Pair’

World Renowned Sneaker Collector

Kenny G, known online as “The Perfect Pair”, is one of the online sneaker communities most envied collectors. Sporting what looks like an unlimited stash of heat, Kenny posts his collection on IG and leaves eyes wide and mouths drooling. On Instagram alone, he has over 650,000 followers and it continues to grow every day.

Not just a collector of rare and exclusive kicks, Kenny is a fan of the NikeID and miAdidas custom tools, and shows off his own creations, inspiring followers and giving them ideas for what to do with their own customs.

Sporting his kicks at some of the biggest sporting events, including NBA, MLB, boxing, and concerts, Kenny G was the perfect person to be a Brand Ambassador for Crep Protect, and we’re proud to call him one of our partners. Be sure to keep your eyes on his IG for more heat from now on.


World Renowned Sneaker Collector

If fresh is a way of life, then Mayor is living life to the fullest. Born in the Bronx during the dawn of Hip-Hop, Mayor has been addicted to fresh since 10, spending his allowance on brand new sneakers while the other kids were buying candy.

In the 90’s, Mayor carried his love for Hip-Hop and staying fresh into the business world, running one of the most successful nightclubs in the city. Artists like JAY Z, Biggie, Puff Daddy, Nas, and Lil’ Kim all came through the doors of his club: Club Esso.

Fast forward, and Mayor has continued to amass an amazing sneaker collection, totalling over 3,000 pairs, worth over $700,000, and including some of the rarest sneakers. He’s even had the opportunity to design his own shoes and has been featured on media outlets like Forbes, GQ, Complex, as well as being a Brand Ambassador for brands such as Crep Protect.

Ryan Taylor

World Renowned BMX Freestyler

Born in Walsall, Ryan rode a BMX bike for the 1st time at age 14, and from there, he was instantly hooked, not knowing that his love for riding would translate into the career that he has today.

It was hanging out at local skate ramps near his home that led to him discovering the world of freestyle BMX, and from there, his life took a completely different path, diverting him from one of hanging out and getting into trouble, into a real passion and career for BMX biking.

Now, along with his photographer and videographer Scott Pattenden, Ryan is making some of the most unique content for his audience, and being a Brand Ambassador for Crep Protect was a natural choice for both parties. In his own words, “Creps are incredibly important to a rider, and without a good pair you’ll find yourself struggling to ride the best you can.”

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