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Did You Know?

A well known sneaker brand sells five million pairs of shoes a year?



That’s ten million individual shoes. Equating to five million people that could do with the liquid repelling power of Crep Protect.


Along with the science and brainstorming, went a lot of research. As a result of this research we learned some pretty cool stuff.

Based on our love for sneaker lifestyle and urban culture, combined with the people we knew. It was a certainty sneakerhead culture was and remains everywhere. Just walk or drive by any store early in the morning, releasing limited exclusives sneakers. You’ll see hundreds of people camped out and millions on the net trying to bag those sneakers. All sneakerheads and even non sneaker heads want to keep their kicks fresh and clean. Our conclusions the game need Crep Protect.

Knowing the sheer numbers of sneakers in the world, and knowing how big the sneakerhead culture was, we knew that all we had to do was ask to find out if products like ours would be welcome, and surprise surprise; ‘heads across the world said yes.

After talking to the people, we went to some stores and brands themselves, and even they sounded excited at the concept we brought to them. They encouraged us to take the plunge, and with their blessing, we went head first into this shoe protection game.

Now, a couple of years in, and the amount of cans of Crep Protect Spray we’ve moved is even a surprise to us. The brands we’ve connected with are well beyond even what we thought we’d do. The clique gets bigger, the army gets stronger, and the products get better.