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The Cleaner

Crep Protect Cleaning Kit

Cleaning your kicks thoroughly is something that you already do, but if you’re not using the right products then you can run into problems. Crep Protect Cleaning Kit is the product you need.


The Crep Protect Cleaning Kit gives your shoes the deep cleaning you’ve always wanted. Here’s how…

The Crep Protect Cleaning Kit is like a full spa day for your kicks. This is the tender love and care you can give your shoes once in a while to restore them to that fresh out of the box look and feel they had the day you first bought them. The Cleaning Kit comes with our own Cure solution for cleaning, a brush we created that can be used on almost any material, and a microfiber cloth. We wouldn’t suggest you clean your shoes with the full Kit every day, but once you notice they need some sprucing up, then the Cleaning Kit is the answer to your problem.

The Cure solution – consists of our own unique blend, 98% natural products, including coconut extracts, jojoba and water. This is safe to use on any material, allowing you to give your shoes a thorough deep clean. If the shoes are really dirty, we suggest starting with the brush.

The brush of the Cleaning Kit is made using short hog hair bristles that are effective, but soft enough to clean even the more delicate materials on your kicks. Using the brush and the Cure solution, get in deep and really give your kicks a good clean, knowing the materials will be fine.

Once you’ve used the Cure solution, brush and let your shoes dry. Give them a final buffing with the microfiber cloth. By now, you’ll notice your shoes are practically gleaming. No need to thank us – this is what we do, that feeling you’re feeling right now is why we do it.